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Big Time Cool Down to Come!

It’s been a hot last few days out there! The summer in general has been a cool one, but the last half of August into the month of September has been anything but that! Here’s how this time period has shaped up (Click on picture to zoom in).

It's been a warm few weeks around the area! Though temperatures haven't been oppressively hot, the humid has been very high, making it feel quite uncomfortable outside!

We’re seeing a change though that points to a cooler pattern yet again across the area. Though temperatures have not been terribly hot across the area, the humidity has been quite high, making it feel uncomfortable outside. This typical June pattern that we’ve been seeing though is about to change.

A change in wind direction is the big key. An upper level trough is going to impact us beginning tonight. If you have a wind vane on your house, you’ll notice that it will begin to point in a different direction. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had warm and moist air coming from the Gulf of Mexico up into our area. This is why temperatures have been pretty warm and very humid with a few scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. Winds will change from the southwest to the northwest tonight, ushering in cooler and drier air from Canada. This will enable temperatures to drop significantly as well as lower our humidity values. Did I also mention things will be very dry around the area this weekend? If you have any outdoor activities, this weekend is the PERFECT time to get them done.

capture2As you can see in the image above, cooler air from Canada will usher in this weekend. The jet stream (Denoted in purple) will dip to our south. Think of the jet stream as the barrier between cooler and drier air to the north and warmer and humid air to the south. With the jet stream diving to the south of us, expect much more comfortable temperatures to take over the region.

As for high temperatures? MUCH cooler than they have been as of late. Saturday will be the coolest day with high temperatures in the upper 60s for most. I think the I-64 corridor between Huntington and Charleston will hit 70 or 71, but the remainder of us will stay in the 60s! It’s been a LONG time since that has happened! The GFS weather model shows 4pm temperatures for Saturday below.

CaptureIn general, it’s going to be fantastic outside, so make sure to enjoy it while it lasts!




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